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The vScription product suite is developed and maintained by VTEX Voice Solutions Inc. You can follow that link to find out more about VTEX Voice Solutions.

vScription has been around for a number of years and currently consists of three products: vScription Transcribe, vScription Mobile , vScription Dictate and vScription Voice. We have another product coming soon called vScription Assist specifically designed to convert medical documents to text using the nVoq cloud based medical speech engine.

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vScription Transcribe is our newest product which is used as a web based hosted dictation and transcription platform as well as the platform we use for our transcription services. We recently added a Speech To Text option that can be used to automatically convert meeting audio (Including Zoom, MS Teams, GoTo meeting etc…) into text in just a few minutes. The nice thing about the Speech To Text option besides being able to get your recognized text back quickly is we support USB foot control operation on Windows, macOS and Linux which makes reviewing and editing the recognized text a breeze. (Assuming people aren’t speaking with a mouthful of potato chips :) )

vScription Mobile is our very first iOS application and is designed to be used with the vScription Transcribe product for creating dictations. It allows users to create dictations on the go, just like when using traditional dictation devices like Philips or Olympus recorders, but gives you the ability to automatically and instantly send to vScription Transcribe for transcription. Whether you are using our speech recognition process, our transcription services or if you have your own typist, the dictation you just created is available right away!

vScription Dictate is our cloud dictation system that we host for a number of clients across Manitoba and NW Ontario. We will be transitioning these users onto the vScription Transcribe Platform in the near future. vScription Dictate currently supports analog telephone which many of our users still want which is why we offer this separately. We can integrate vScription Voice and Transcribe together for users who still want to use analog telephone. There are still a few features that vScription Dictate (Winscribe) has that we haven’t built into our vScription Transcribe product yet but when we have the functionality that our current clients needs, we will be migrating everyone over.

vScription Voice is our own medical speech to text application designed to work on macOS and Windows. We use the nVoq medical speech engine as our speech backend and are proud to have our own native macOS application. This means that if you use and love your Mac (As we do :)) you can have top quality medical speech to text application on your Mac without having to have some complex setup. We fully support your SpeechMikes, PowerMics and Mobile Smartphone microphones as well as all of your Shortcuts, Substitutions and custom vocabularies! 

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