Recordkeeping Has Become Your Second Job.

vScription Transcribe saves you hours of typing and talking each week. Our transcription service helps increase your revenue by allowing you to spend more time with patients and less time with their files.

We Have The Knowledge & Experience You Need.

Whether You Need Transcription Services Or An Easy Way To Manage Your Own Dictations.

vScription Transcribe gives you the ability to automatically convert your audio meeting notes to text, have us transcribe your files for you or use our platform to transcribe your audio files yourself. Enjoy the ability to use your Generic USB foot pedal or Philips USB Foot Controls to control your audio and also take advantage of the beautiful text editor to easily transcribe your audio files.

We have been in the dictation, transcription and speech recognition industry for over 20 years and have the knowledge and experience you need to deliver a solution that works for you

We have developed our vScription Transcribe Platform in house and from scratch and are continuously improving the platform based on our clients feedback.

  • Chrome, Edge (Chromium Edition), Firefox or Safari Browser
  • Generic USB Foot Control (DaFuture, VEC INUSB1, INUSB2, INUSB3) or Philips USB Foot Control (ACC or LFH models)
  • Email address for login. See our privacy policy.
  • Supported Audio Formats: m4a, mp3, wav, dss and ds2, (Non-encrypted), ogg, mp4

Medical Transcription Services

Tired Of Working
Two Jobs?

Back-to-back patients with pages and pages of notes – recordkeeping has become your second job.

vScription Transcribe saves you hours of typing and talking each week. Our transcription service helps increase your revenue by allowing you to spend more time with patients and less time with their files.

As the number of patients increases and the frequency of their appointments is on the rise, mental health professionals understand that every minute of the day counts. vScription Transcribe allows you to enjoy your personal time so you don’t have to worry about transcribing notes about every appointment throughout the week.

Our maximum turnaround time is three days, and most jobs are typically delivered within 1 day, so you can rest assured that your patient’s file will be updated and completed before their next appointment.


Our experienced, native english speaking transcriptionists will generate top quality reports from your dictations.

Flexible Input

Create dictations using our iPhone  App, regular telephone, upload through our website or use our vScription Uploader App.


vScription Transcribe supports all of the most common audio file types including: wav, mp3, dss, ds2, m4a, mp4 and ogg audio file types.


Log in to view your job statuses and download or view your reports at any time. Get email notifications when your reports have been typed.


Affordable per minute rates starting at $1.65/min for medical reports. No long term commitments or setup fees.


Secure file storage, all data stored in Canada, all communications done over TLS, complex password requirements, extensive audit tracking for all file access.

How It Works

Frequently Asked Questions


Our standard document turnaround time is 1-3 days with most reports being done within One Day! The only exception to this are court transcripts or longer meeting where the turnaround time is 3-5 days.

Security is a very important issue for us and we strive to make sure that your documents and audio are secure in the following ways;

  • All communication with our servers is done via SSL with 256 Bit Encryption. This includes all of our apps and our APIs
  • We have extensive auditing procedures in place so any activity done to your data is logged
  • We have industry-standard strong password requirements
  • Access to the servers where your data is stored can only be accessed by approved employees of VTEX Voice Solutions
  • All of your data is stored on servers located in Canada.

We currently accept the following audio formats: wav, mp3, m4a, mp4, dss, ds2 and ogg. We have a few ways you can get the audio to us:

  • Upload through the website.
  • Upload using our vScription Upload App.
  • You can create dictations using our iPhone app.
  • You can create dictations using a standard telephone.
  • You can upload audio to us through our APIs.

Quality is critical to our and your success. Our transcriptionists are located in Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario and are all experienced typists coming from acute care and clinic environments.

That’s a great question with a simple answer… SECURITY! For those of us in the mental health industry, we know that due to PHIA, we must ensure the security of all private health information. Once your account is set up, you’ll be able to upload your file for transcription, all within a completely secure environment.

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