vScription Transcribe

Ou vScription Transcribe Platform is perfect for any user that needs a way to securely and easily transfer dictation audio and transcribed files between users. Our simply file upload page allows you to easily upload and tag any dictations or you can use our vScription Upload app to automatically transfer files from your digital portable to our servers for transcription. Once the files are there, your typists are able to use our beautiful web based transcription to transcribe the files. When they’re done, you’ll get notified they are ready for viewing or download.

vScription Transcribe Platform support wav, mp3, ds2, m4a and ogg audio file types

Review and edit your audio files using generic USB Foot Pedal or any Philips USB Foot Control. Supported on Windows, macOS and Linux

Use our vScription Upload app to automatically upload your dictations directly from your digital portables

Generate billing and typist reports. Perfect when doing transcription services!

Easy to use Job Lister allowing you easily find any jobs you’re looking for

Add audio file demographics when uploading to easily identify files as needed

Affordable monthly subscription packages. No long term commitments or setup fees.

  • Secure file storage. All data stored on AWS servers in Canada Central
  • All communications done over TLS.
  • Complex password requirements
  • Extensive audit tracking for all file access